Das berühmte Cat Village in St. Julian's, Malta, ist bedroht

Blog-Autorin Gabriele übermittelte heute ihren öffentlichen Einspruch gegen die Baupläne der Eigentümer des Portomaso-Komplexes in St. Julian's, Malta, wo man ein kleines Stück Land am äussersten Rande der Zone nun auch noch überbauen will. Die wird die Zerstörung des Cat Village zur Folge haben - eine von vielen Katzenkolonien, die von den über 1,000 Katzenschützern in Malta und Gozo betreut wird. Einsprüche können noch bis zum 31. Mai 2016 (http://www.mepa.org.mt/, PA/01735/16) übermittelt werden. Hier mein text, im englischen Original:

Dear Sir, dear Madam

I would like to object to this construction, as it will destroy the "Cat Village". The place is not only a refuge for stray and abandoned cats living in the area (a consequence of irresponsible pet owners chucking unwanted and un-neutered pet cats into the street over years), but has also become a tourist attraction with regular fans as far away as Japan and the US.

The "founder" of the cat village, Mrs. Rosa Sammut, has passed away in the Noughties (not to confuse with her devoted successor's similar name). Rosa Sammut was appointed Senior of the year 2000 by then Prime Minister Fenech Adami  for her work with the Cat Village (see photographs » here). The Cat Village has truly become a landmark in St. Julian's, and can be found in many tour guide books and has many mentions on the web.

Malta's shelters are bursting with abandoned animals. Cats cannot just be "replanted" to somewhere else. They are territorial animals. And who is going to feed them and pay for their food if relocated? Malta and Gozo have more than 1,000 individuals who not only pay for cat food but also cover veterinary costs incl. spaying and neutering primarily out of their own pockets. It is their quiet work that keeps the cat population in Malta limited!

Destroying the Cat Village will, once again, push a public issue into the hands of the private sector. And this is not only unfair for the cats, but also for the community of volunteer cat carers.

Thank you.
Gabriele Ruttloff-Bauer

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